Quick Quilting Hacks To Try Right Now

Do you love to quilt and sew?

Then this blog is a must-read for you!

Here we will offer some quick hacks that will help your quilting journey even more efficient and attractive.

So, let’s check these out.

Hack 1. Half square triangles

Cutting blocks and patterns from a long fabric is extremely common in quilting but it’s tiresome as well, right? This hack is dedicated to solving that problem. Simply half-square the triangles and you will get 8 pieces at once! That’s super speedy, right?

Hack 2. Sew faster

So, you have learned how to cut the fabric superfast, now team it up with fast sewing skills. No, we are not about to say that practice makes a man perfect. It sure does, but some quick hacks can help you achieve the same.

So let’s see how to do that.

Take the scraps and make these in a larger piece. You can later use the piece for sashing, bordering, and making quilt blocks. This is called mile a minute technique.

Isn’t that really easy and quick?

Hack 3. String piecing

Just as mile a minute method, string piecing helps to speed up your quilt game. Here you have to use a foundation fabric. Now, cut a piece little bigger than your desired block size. Then stitch all the strips and scraps onto it and square it up. Finally, finish the quilt top like you would do with any other quilt.

Try it, it’s really efficient.

Hack 4. Chain piecing

You may think chain piecing is just another variation of string piecing, as their names are somewhat similar, but there’s a basic difference in the process.

This process helps you to get a bunch of parts and blocks at once. How? Check it out.

Actually, this process doesn’t demand you to snip anything while stitching. Naturally, you don’t have to raise the needle, set the next fabric pieces in the place, and so on. As you can understand, this saves a lot of time.

All you need is to feed one piece after another without cutting the blocks or ironing / pressing them. You can do all that later after you finish quilting. Naturally, this process can make you manage over 170 blocks at once! Cool, right!

Hack 5. Random Quilt Blocks

This hack is not about saving time, but money! Curious? Keep reading.

What’s the first step of a quilt work? Gathering the fabric right? And you go on looking for it from one store to another and squander resources, right?

Well, give a break to all that. Your quilt blocks are just at your home. Look out for it in the kitchen, dining table top, and where not! You can also find out some old clothes that you won’t wear anymore. Recycle those to create an awesome design.

Don’t worry about the worn-off polish. Once the quilted item is ready, simply steam press it to look as new.

I hope you have found the hacks effective. Try these and let us know your feedback!