How To Do Patchwork Quilt Patterns: Beginner’s Guide

When I started quilting, I faced a crucial problem – a lack of resources. I managed to watch a few videos and learned a lot from my mother (she was a great artist in patchwork quilting) and today I proudly call myself a self-made quilter.

However, the journey was not smooth. Thanks to the immense resources available on the web these days, I believe today’s quilters have more assistance. Now, the problem is, with so many resources readily available at hand, the beginners may get confused about where to start.

No worry. I will help you here. Today, I will discuss a beginner-friendly simple quilt project. I will explain all the details. All you need is to follow the steps. Remember, a simple patchwork quilt is no less elegant than a complex one. All you need is to be clean and precise about it. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Simple strip quilt

A simple strip quilt is made by multiple fabric strips sewn together. Since there’s no corner to match, it’s a great project for the beginners.

This kind of patchwork quilt is usually made with the cheater panel fabric. The cheater panel is basically fabric with some piercing already existing. That’s why this kind of fabric is ideal for the beginners as it will require you no hard work and measurement. Simply buy the fabric and get started!

However, if you don’t want to use a cheater panel, as it can be generic or you may not like the design, you can always make the quilt work with some basic squares. Just use multiple colors and designed fabrics to make your patchwork quilt item appealing.

Other than the panel, I recommend you to use a 10-inch stack of fabric. This is basically a fabric stack, often referred to as the layer cake since it contains around 40 pieces of 10’’x10’’ cut squares. The squares are mainly cut from various prints from the same fabric. This will help you to determine which colors or designs to correspond together to create a beautiful quilt work.

Don’t forget to buy fabrics for backing. You will need 2 yards wide fabric – around 60 inches. Alternatively, you can opt for half yards of wide fabric – around 44 inches. Make sure to buy 3 pieces of it. Also, you may use a twin sheet. However, I believe the first two options are better for the beginners as the designs will be all set for you. Once you become a bit confident, try your hands on the twin size sheet.

Once you become a pro in this, this type of quilt can become a great gift item. It can be your quick-stitch item. And you can use the recipient’s favorite color and fabric material while making a patchwork quilt gift. I am sure such a customized gift will be well appreciated and stand out among the mass-produced gift items. Try it and let me know how you love it! The comment box is open for you all!