How To Quilt Square Patterns

Square pattern quilt works are always in trend. While these patterns are a great start for beginners, experienced artisans too love to try their hands on these. From miniature or large design – you will get it all. Some patterns are large enough to create about a whole one-block wall hanging!

Here are a few square patterns you must try.

Pattern 1 – Rosebud Quilt Block

Over the years this traditional quilt block pattern has earned many names including bright star, crow’s foot, and hummingbird but its original name is rosebud. This kind of pattern has a delicate look – pinwheel at parts with barbed tips which allows you some extra colors to play with. You can place this pattern on a neutral, cream, or white background, or sew on bright colored flowers or even on dark and black background. Each of these blocks finishes at about 12-inch square.

Pattern 2 – Patchwork Scottie Dog

This kind of quilt block, named as patchwork Scottie dog assemble various patterns including half squared and one squared triangular, bars, and square units. The pieces are rotary cut and easily pieced for the little Scottie.

Pattern 3 – Round the Twist Quilt block

If you have a love for a 10-inch quilt block pattern, this is the one for you. It’ quite easy to assemble and on completion, it looks like a somewhat Celtic twist block. Make sure to sew the side of the block by side to reflect the image in its glory.

Pattern 4 – Sawtooth Quilt Block

This type of patchwork quilt is favorable to many quilters as it can create a distinct outlook simply by altering the fabric colors of the patches. This is an important aspect for all patchwork quilt works so you should choose your fabric accordingly.

Pattern 5 – Mosaic pinwheel quilt block

Bright colored pinwheels against a light background produce a fascinating pinwheel quilt work. Kids and adults love to see this design alike just as the beginners and the experienced quilters love to create it!

Pattern 6 – Sarah’s choice quilt block

The value proposition of Sarah’s choice quilt block is that here the blocks can be assembled in more than one way. Such a pattern allows you to keep the pieces together smoothly utilizing half-square triangular units at the center of the design and simple flying swans units along with the square corners at the outer rows of the block. Cutting instructions for four distinct sizes like 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches blocks are included in it. You can also set up some mock-ups for the blocks into two distinct quilts – one at the central point with other blocks organized horizontally.

Pattern 7 – Basket Weave quilt block

With two strips of fabric, this type of quilt work is easy to try and outstanding to look at. Try it today!

We hope you have found the article informative and interesting.

So, which one of the square quilt patterns is your favorite? Do you want to add more to the list?

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