Patchwork Quilting Ideas

Is quilting your passion?

Well, I heard you.

However, no matter how much of a pro you are or how much you love to quilt, you must have faced that point when you didn’t know where to turn.

I hit the right cord, isn’t it? It’s no brain teaser really.

Even senior quilters often face such a problem. Thanks to the artistic bent of mind, quilters find out an easy way.

The secret is, there’s no hard and fast rule about quilting. So you can try out multiple ideas and each design will have its own elegance and charm.

I have made it easy for you. Today, I will outline a few easy yet artistic and elegant quilt patterns that you must try. I can assure you that if you can pull out these quilting ideas, your patchwork quilt will definitely draw people’s attention.

Look at you, all curious! Great, let’s get into it then!

  1. Nine patch bento

This is an easy yet beautiful bento box quit. It actually exhibits a nine patch block at the center. This is great for the patchwork quilt pattern for the beginners.

Here the quilt is pieced into multiple strips. Before getting to the next step ensure that each block has the desired size. On completion, you will be amazed at the outcome.

  1. Dancing nine patch

Slightly curved appearance offers a flattering outlook to the entire patchwork quilt item. The illusion of curved appearance is reflected in this kind of nine patch quilt pattern. The blocks in this design are usually surrounded by scrappy asymmetrical squares. Then the design is flip-flopped to produce the layout.

If you are a scrap quilt lover, dancing nine patch quilt is your thing. You can also adopt a themed approach for this design.

  1. Hunter’s star quilt

Hunter’s star quilt initially appears to be a bit complicated but trust me when I say, this is pretty simple to create, even for the beginner quilters. No kidding. With some basic quilting skills and practice, you can easily pull out this design. All you need is real passion and dedication for quilting – but that’s true for all patchwork quilt work, isn’t it?

  1. Kaleidoscope Quilt

This is yet another instance of simple quilt work that appears to be complicated at first. Here the quilt blocks are sewn right at the point – a tactic that every beginner quilter often seeks to avoid, but there’s nothing to fear about this!

Once you sew a few on the point quilts and you start to feel comfortable, I recommend you to try the kaleidoscope quilt pattern. This will help you to acquire new skills all while designing beautiful and charming work.

  1. Star cross quilt with piano key borders

Star crossing quilt is another outstanding quilt design. It may take a little time to master this art, but once you manage to do so, it’s worth every effort.

I hope you have found the article interesting and informative. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.