How To Use Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork cutters are so much in trend these days! If you want to design a beautiful patchwork quilt, pay attention to how you cut the fabric. This may sound upfront but I must say that better cutting technique is the one differentiating factor in quilting. That’s because a fabric cut out precisely will be sewn together accurately.

Patchwork cutters make this even easier. Sometimes, it’s difficult for beginners to cut out precise designs on the fabric. And let’s admit, readymade, store-bought designs are cliché. If you want a unique appeal in your patchwork design, you have to make a custom design.

Cutting intricate designs on the fabric demands extreme expertise and patience. Does it mean the beginner cannot design a beautiful and customized piece?

Surely not!

You can always seek assistance from the patchwork cutter. The expert quilters too prefer to use this since it brings out the awesome design without much effort. Also, patchwork cutters have numerous designs so you can design innumerable customized pieces with this one.

However, you need to be cautious about using a patchwork cutter. Though it makes quilters’ lives easier, inaccurate handling can make things worse and ruin your entire design.

Today, I will share some awesome tips with you. Check these out:

  1. Pick the right fabrics

A patchwork cutter works best on smooth fabric instead of a harsh one. The reason is that your scissors or knife may not be that sharp to cut out the designs from the patchwork cutter.

Some quilters recommend you to prewash the fabric, some prefer not to. It’s up to you really.

  1. Press don’t iron

Whether you are using an age-old fabric kept in your stock for long or buying from the store, fabrics are usually kept in a folded manner. Removing the creases is the first thing to do before you place a patchwork cutter. Otherwise, the creases will ruin the measurement. Also, you should remove the creases before using the patchwork cutter, and not after. I recommend you to steam press instead of iron as too much heat or direct heat can snatch the softness of the fabric.

  1. Be careful

Cutting can be difficult especially if you are a beginner. I recommend you to start with an easier design and cut along the design.

  1. Stay sharp

Ensure that the blade of your rotary cutter is enough sharp. In fact, most of the quilters recommend using a new blade in the cutter for each new project.

  1. Measure twice

By twice I mean you should be absolutely confident about your measurement because once you have cut a piece, there’s no going back.

  1. Practice even more

Using a patchwork cutter demands a lot of practice. Don’t give up just because one or two designs didn’t come outright. Keep practicing, it will be all set.

  1. Use pre-cut fabric

Quilting is more fun with pre-cut fabric. It also helps while using a patchwork cutter. Try it, you won’t regret it.

I hope these tips could really help you out and get you started with your patchwork cutter. Let me know your feedback and work experience!